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Services We Provide 
  • Design, engineering and CAD services.
  • Custom fabrication of ferrous and non ferrous assemblies up to road transportable sizes, including custom-made anchor bolts, fasteners and plates, handrail, grating and sump systems, beams, columns, trusses, tanks, stairs, platforms, conveyors, pipe bridges, gates.
  • Fabrication, installation, erection, repair, maintenance and demolition of production and material process facilities as well as structural and decorative steel and iron work, steel decking and cladding.
  • Manufacture of prefabricated assemblies for the potable and wastewater process industries, including pipe spool pieces, vents, air ducting, and fabricated pipe fittings and restraining (M11) fittings to AWWA standards.
  • Manufacture of potable and wastewater process accessories under the market name of SUP-R Products, including aluminum and steel access hatches, platforms, ladders, pipe stands, and safety posts and handrails.
custom precision welding
Precision welding
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Complete welding, fabrication, installation and repair services

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